The Cantrells


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"Emily's is a beautiful voice, among the best on the scene. Al succeeds where many other "super pickers" fail."
-Dirty Linen

"Emily Cantrell is a magnificent songsmith... And within the being of these songs is the soul of bluegrass."
-Steve Romanoski, Bluegrass Music News

"Avoiding all the cliches, THE CANTRELLS write and play like hot pros. Well done organic set"
-Midwest Record Recap, Feb. 28, 1992

"A joy to hear."
-Victory Review, Seattle, WA

"A New Language draws you in after just one listen."
-The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA

"Contemporary folk music is thriving, thanks to sparkling, fresh releases by artists such as husband and wife Emily and Al Cantrell. Her acoustic guitar and sweet, soaring vocals are accented perfectly by his sparse harmonies and mandolin work. Emily wrote nine of the songs ranging from thoughtful ballads to good-time tunes; the 10th is a traditional number*. The dynamic dobro of Jerry Douglas stands out on four tracks."
-Rosenbaum, The Blade, Toledo, OH

*(Emily Cantrell wrote the "traditional number" as well. - Ed.)