The Cantrells


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by The Cantrells

"...I was just blown away. This is great stuff."
-Annie Provenzano, DJ, WMWV-FM, Conway NH

"Wonderful album, you two. I think I'm on my seventeenth-and-a-
half listening!"
-Rik James, DJ, "Bluegrass Traditions", KGLT-FM,
Bozeman, MT

"Al and Emily Cantrell cast a magical spell with their airy,
joyful acoustic songs. Emily Cantrell sings in a fluid, jazzy style
reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, while husband Al plays off his wife's
Martin guitar with spirited fiddling and a dazzling mandolin
technique -- his music weaves through her words as if the two
were locked together in an intuitive dance. The duo's fine album,
Dancing With the Miller's Daughter, puts a pop spin on acoustic
folk music, with occasional detours into Celtic and traditional
American tunes."
-Michael McCall, NASHVILLE SCENE, March 13,

"I'm delighted to hear the Al and Emily sound captured so
cleanly. No frills, no annoying extras, just the music of two souls
endlessly working it out. Congratulations! "
-"Too Slim" La Bour, Riders in the Sky

"Al and Emily Cantrell have crafted a multifaceted collection of
modern acoustic folk music -- and, through tasteful overdubbing,
this duo is also a superb ensemble. Al's gently soaring fiddle, his
inventive, ringing mandolin, and Emily's rich guitar chordings
provide a tapestry-like texture to serve as a back drop for her
amber-hued vocals."
-Richard D. Smith, BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED, April

"Emily uses her voice like an instrument on soaring vocals, like
some country Joni Mitchell. She hits wonderfully high notes on
"The Owl and Me," and Al's excellent mandolin work
compliments her nicely. He is also an accomplished fiddler, as
on "Peaks of Otter." That tune, by the way, contains the title
phrase, which is about, shall we say, sowing wild oats. This
couple has some unique, home-grown songs, presented in a
refreshing way. Give them a try!"
-Jim Jacquet, VICTORY REVIEW, October 1996

"Al's fiddling and mandolin playing, as always, is excellent. And
Emily's sweet voice is so warm and expressive. The combination
of the two makes for some wonderful music."
-Jim Lee, DIRTY LINEN, June/July 1997