The Cantrells

Press Release

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For Immediate Release: 

National public radio favorites THE CANTRELLS will bring their "hot picking and smooth harmonizing" to (location and date) _________________________________________________. 

AL AND EMILY CANTRELL cast a magical spell with their airy, joyful acoustic songs. EMILY uses her voice as an instrument on soaring vocals like a country Joni Mitchell, while AL plays off her Martin guitar with spirited fiddling and a dazzling mandolin technique--his music weaves through her words as if the two were locked in an intuitive dance. The duo puts a pop spin on acoustic folk and bluegrass music, with occasional detours into Celtic, western swing and traditional American tunes. 

THE CANTRELLS have been featured on MOUNTAIN STAGE, RIDERS RADIO THEATER, FOLK SAMPLER, E-TOWN and RIVER CITY FOLK, as well as numerous other nationally-syndicated radio programs. Their five critically acclaimed CDs are on radio playlists worldwide and include the talents of Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Tim O'Brien and Riders in the Sky. Robert Redford hand-picked them to play old-time music on-screen in his hit movie A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. 

EMILY was born in Tennessee and AL grew up in Washington state. Soon after meeting in Colorado they moved to Nashville, Tennessee to be a part of the bluegrass and new acoustic music scene there. "An all acoustic treat," says BILLBOARD magazine. 

(venue)_________________________is located at ___________________________________ 

and admission for the concert is ____________. For more information please call____________.